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063 Bubble Pop

063 Bubble Pop

Редовна цена £25.00 GBP
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Indulge in the delightful, fresh flavor of Bubble Pop. This classic French-style confection is bursting with effervescent bubbles and a bright pink hue.

Length/Shape: Short Coffin

The specially-formulated material is thickened at the stress points, helping to prevent breakage.
Each set comes with 10 tips.
The application is easy to use and you’ll have stunning nails in no time.
Every set includes a full prep kit with 2 sheets of adhesive tabs,2 alcohol pads, 1 nail glue,1 nail polish remover, 1 cuticle push stick, and 1 nail file.

*All products are 100% hand made and photographed without filters. Please read the size chart as reference and make sure your size is correct.

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